Pedro Sttau

Group Chief Information Officer, iCar Asia

I am a data driven dedicated IT Professional with a passion for building great software. I believe in leadership by example, and that there is no methodology that applies equally to all circumstances and environments.

While Software development is my passion, managing and engaging with teams to build products together is by far the most rewarding aspect of my job. There are very few things that beat the experience of collective accomplishment.

In most organizations I have served, one of my missions has been to align Business to IT development, making sure teams are fully motivated to deliver business value by understanding the purpose of what they are delivering, while at the time assuring that projects are being delivered to plan and scope.

From the strategic perspective my job has been to assure that everything is in my team’s pipeline is aligned to the business’s strategy and vision, stripping our everything that is unnecessary and focus on the fastest way to deliver business value with minimal cost and without impacting the scalability of the product that is being delivered.